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Professional shopper for the WSJ

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January was a busy month to my surprise. I shot a story in San Antonio for the Wall Street Journal about professional shoppers. I didn’t know what that meant, but it’s a really niche profession that takes a lot of people skills. Claudia Coleman is a professional shopper with Nieman Marcus and has many clients that she shops for. She presents the items she pulled from the story to her client in a private dressing room and they talk about style, color, taste, the season, anything. Claudia has been very good about building relationships with her clients through many years of service and friendship. Check out the story in the WSJ online. This story photographed in multiple cities and I was pleasantly surprised my friend Eli Meir Kaplan photographed the ‘super salesperson’ in Washington DC, check him out!



Marie Claire Magazine shoot

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Back in July I did a shoot for Marie Claire magazine with 2 women who were participating in a beauty contest for the “What I love about me” column. The magazine accepted submission from women all across the country talking about what they thought were their best assets; accent, hair, skin, smile, etc. Eventually, the MC staff did a good job laying out the multi-page spread for the October issue. It was exciting to see how other photographers shot their subjects and have all the photos together.

Both the women I shot were natural models and knew how to pose with plenty of looks. I wanted to shoot without lights and find settings that fit each model’s character to compliment their individual beauty. Tabitha, above, from Houston, looked the best surround by an environment with lush vegetation and of course soft sky in the background. For Debora, below, from Brazil, I found some nice colored backgrounds on the street and again you can never go wrong with sky.  It was really exciting to learn Debora won the contest in the October issue. Congrats!