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where have you Ben?

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Busy… It has come to my attention I have committed one of the few cardinal sins of the blogosphere – not posting for an extended period of time – like 2 months for example… No excuses but I have been super busy and more inspired to be out making pictures or planning my own shoots than sitting behind a computer writing about all the great pictures I’m not taking. As it turns out the last 2 months away from have been really exciting and refreshing for me visually – some of this I hope to share with you today and in the near future.

From the recent assignment work here is a business dress I shot for the New York Times than ran far and wide on the International Herald Tribune. Buddy Nicosin is a VP at Samsung and the highest ranking “round eye” as he says at Samsung. Read this story if you want to learn why you having a job at Austin’s Samsung plant is the best job ever – obviously.Anyway these photos aren’t Libyan rebels storming Qaddafi’s palace, but I did have a lot of fun setting up new lights and some seamless that I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve been really really excited to produce images with a more pre-conceived concept in a slightly controlled scenario and then letting my more free form shoot what is happening side take over – rapidly adjusting lights, moving backgrounds, or carrying a power pack on my back with a stand in my left hand. It’s been working really well too and I feel really happy about the work I’m making. My editors were thankful I turned in images of a business man in a nice suit with ‘more life’ than the business page is accustomed. Here’s some other photos from the shoot that I really liked:

Anyway, this is something I did last month. I also spent a week in New York for NYPH and scheduled 3 shoot with the SniperTwins making cool conceptual images for their promotions. There will be more images coming soon that were lost in the translation of recent memory lapses. Here are five good reasons to stay tuned to this blog:

-the F8 Mag feature, Flak Photo feature, the FeatureShoot feature, a video I produce with Brandon Wilde of AMG for the Slideluck Potshow at New York PhotoFest, and more pictures that I think you’ll really like


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